“In the Kingdom of Dragons: Rose and Thorne Book One is a sweeping epic fantasy about an ordinary farm girl’s journey to save her family, and quite possibly the world at large. Led by a wise and cryptic fairy, Rose makes her way to the lair of the crafty elder black dragon, Gaspotine the Dark. The power of the dragon’s blood will lead her down a path to ultimately save or destroy dragonkind, as a warrior goddess of Stonevar! But can a human ever truly place her trust in a Dragon? In the Kingdom of Dragons is a grand saga of high adventure, set in a vivid land of fables and magic, featuring a stalwart (albeit inexperienced) heroine. Highly recommended.”

The Midwest Book Review

“I thought I’d grown tired of coming of age with dragons stories. I thought every permutation had been exhausted. But it hasn’t. In the Kingdom of Dragons: Rose and Thorne is different, compelling, thrilling, and thought provoking. Highly recommended.”

 —Irene Radford, author of the Dragon Nimbus Series

 “A strong-willed girl and a dragon must bond and face the world in this enjoyable fantasy, notable for the depth of its characters, whether human or not.”

—Alex Bledsoe, author of the Eddie LaCrosse series

 In the Kingdom of Dragons: Rose and Thorne offered a unique take on dragon culture, a variety of well-developed, multifaceted characters, and a plot I’m eager to see continued. It was an enjoyable coming of age fantasy, and I’ll be keeping a lookout for a sequel!”


 “This is fun, original and provocative for fantasy and non-fantasy readers alike.”

 —Laurel A. Yourke, author of Take Your Characters To Dinner


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