Welcome to the official webpage of D. L. BURNETT, author of the Epic Fantasy Adventure book series IN THE KINGDOM OF DRAGONS.

“In the Kingdom of Dragons: Rose and Thorne Book One is a sweeping epic fantasy about an ordinary farm girl’s journey to save her family, and quite possibly the world at large. Led by a wise and cryptic fairy, Rose makes her way to the lair of the crafty elder black dragon, Gaspotine the Dark. The power of the dragon’s blood will lead her down a path to ultimately save or destroy dragonkind, as a warrior goddess of Stonevar! But can a human ever truly place her trust in a Dragon? In the Kingdom of Dragons is a grand saga of high adventure, set in a vivid land of fables and magic, featuring a stalwart (albeit inexperienced) heroine. Highly recommended.”
—The Midwest Book Review



Dragons have few laws. The most important forbids harming Human, Dwarf or any lesser creature cursed with the Power. Slaying one means disaster. So a wise Dragon avoids them altogether, but since Dragons are seldom wise, they cannot resist a small taste.

Breaking the law condemns the ancient black Dragon, Gaspotine the Dark to death. To escape his decaying flesh, his spirit visits time’s Silver River where he sees Dragon-kind’s fate and the farm girl who can either save or destroy them.

Then an orange Dragon descends from the heavens to taste the farm girl, endangering her family. To save them from starvation, the girl follows a wily Fairy on a treacherous journey to the black Dragons’s lair. There she discovers that her fortune lies not in treasure but in the metamorphic power of Dragon blood.

Though her journey shatters her family, the girl gives hope to society’s outcasts and transforms the lives of Fairies and Dragons. As Stonevar’s warrior Goddess, she will change the world.



Dragon blood transforms Thorne from a farm girl into a Warrior Goddess. But she and her small band cannot defeat the Dwarf warriors, when they return to reclaim their ancient realm. Thorne must save her home and people, along with an orphaned baby Dragon she vowed to protect.

On the battlefield, Thorne’s mystique and courage captivate their leader. The Dwarf Lord defeats her. But he agrees to spare her people and the baby Dragon if she weds him. Thorne wants neither marriage nor children, but must either marry the Dwarf Lord or betray her followers, lose her home, and watch him kill the baby Dragon.

In this sequel to IN THE KINGDOM OF DRAGONS: ROSE AND THORNE, Thorne must face her greatest fears: surrendering her independence, dying in childbirth, and losing her humanity to Dragon blood.